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7 Most Neglected Places When Cleaning Your Home

find cleaners in London. When doing a quick clean of your home, it is okay to leave some areas or spots unattended. But with time these places become so dirty necessitating a clean. Most people thoroughly clean their houses on normal days especially if the dirt is not noticeable.  best domestic cleaners in London

Once in a while though, it is good to clean every part of your home, both indoors and outdoors. These are the most neglected parts when cleaning your home, which you need to clean every time.

  1. Throw pillows – Throw pillows harbor dust, dirt and germs. While vacuuming, most people tend to move them around when cleaning the seats but rarely clean the pillows themselves. You can vacuum them as well or change their covers from time to time.
  2. Litter bin – It is assumed that emptying the bin equals cleaning it. This is quite misinformed. The litter bin is home to thousands of germs which can cause potential health issues. After emptying your bin, take time to wash your litter bin with clean water and soap and then dry it before using it again.
  3. Underneath the furniture – Some furniture such as seats make it hard to clean underneath especially if they are lowly placed or too heavy to move around. However, you can always get creative by either using a long hand mop that fits underneath to clean.
  4. The oven – How often do you take time to clean your oven? Do not wait for the dirt to accumulate before you clean your oven. Remember you prepare your food in there and you will want to observe high hygiene standards for your own health.
  5. Skirting boards and window rails – As much they are rarely the focus in your room, they accumulate dust which tarnishes their color over time. They do not have to be cleaned every time you do your house cleaning, but every once in a while is recommended.
  6. Kitchen sink – Most of us are guilty of just rinsing off the kitchen sink after use. You should take time to scrub your kitchen clean making sure that food particles do not find their way down the drain. This causes clogging. You can also use hot water and pour down the drain to prevent clogging from the buildup of fats and other material.
  7. The fridge – If you intend to keep your food fresh, then you must maintain a clean fridge. This does not mean just wiping on the surfaces but also the interior as well. Be keen on cleaning spillages and other food material from your fridge. Once in a while, take out all the contents and thoroughly clean your fridge before restocking.


When it comes to house cleaning, every part of your home needs to be thoroughly cleaned for best results. At Cleanlinks we understand the busy lives our clients here in London lead. This is why we have the best domestic cleaners in London to handle all your cleaning needs. If you are looking to find cleaners in London, simply visit our website to book a cleaner online.

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