Domestic cleaning jobs

Domestic cleaning jobs: Working as a domestic cleaner

Domestic cleaning jobs


How to make some extra money while still keeping your schedule flexible enough to have a family is an age old question. Studies have shown that a lot of parents are willing to take a less prestigious job if it means the ability to drive the school carpool or volunteer at the bake sale. Domestic cleaning jobs can often be the perfect thing for busy parents or students because the skill set is something most people already possess and in the gig economy one can create their own schedule more or less. Domestic cleaning jobs.


Getting that job


Work for hire sites like Cleanlinks can be a way to get your feet wet in a domestic cleaning job that doesn’t require you to be a formal employee with a traditional agency. On the other hand, one has to compete and dig up their own jobs on these apps whereas working through a more traditional company usually means the employer is doing all the bookings.


Not all domestic cleaning jobs are the same


Domestic cleaning jobs can expose people to harassment and abuse in the homes they serve but a good employer provides a safe workplace for its employees. These companies often have standing contracts with long time customers so they know exactly what they’re getting their workers into when they send a cleaner out. If you’re going the company route make sure you do your research on the employer in question. Too many complaints against a service usually means there’s a problem. When possible try to reach out to existing workers to see how they like working for their employer.


It’s not your home


Many new domestic cleaners might question the way a client wants something done and if you’re a stickler for keeping your own place tidy you might question their priorities. But if your client is willing to pay you to clean something in a way that you wouldn’t do in your own house, just roll with it. They’re the ones hiring the service so they get to determine how they want things done. Remember, you’re just in this for the freedom it presents and for the money you’ll earn.


Some unintended perks


Domestic cleaning jobs can be pretty physical and many welcome that regular exercise. You can’t always look at your hourly wage as being all you get as most clients are willing to tip their domestic help. Some domestic cleaning jobs result in lifelong relationships with clients. Even a once a week cleaner often gets to see children grow up and become a trusted ancillary family member. But however you structure your domestic cleaning job, the main point of it is that this kind of work offers the ability to schedule your own life, to work when you want to, and to be around enough that you to see your own children grow up too.



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