Domestic cleaning Jobs:How to Clean and Declutter The Kitchen Cabinets

Domestic cleaning Jobs:How to Clean and Declutter The Kitchen Cabinets

Domestic cleaning Jobs.Keeping the kitchen cabinets tidy and clean will be extremely helpful in saving time when
cooking and serving meals. In addition to making meal preparation easier, cleaning, and
decluttering the kitchen is essential for healthy living and safety of everyone. To achieve these
goals, we will talk about the different ways we can clean and declutter the kitchen cabinets.
1. Empty the Cabinets
The first step in cleaning and organizing your kitchen cabinets is to empty all cabinets, including
drawers. Remove everything in the cabinet and place them on your kitchen table. This will allow
you to have an overview of the tools you have, check the conditions of use, and organize them
by categories.
When organizing cabinets by categories, you’ll always know where the utensil you need is.
Since the aim is to clean and declutter the kitchen, this will be a great time to discard everything
that’s damaged, broken, or no longer in use.
2. Clean the Cabinets.
Another Domestic cleaning Jobs is cleaning the interiors of cabinets and drawers, use a specific product for this purpose. Ensure
you use warm and soapy water with a clean cloth or a towel. If the cabinets are made of wood,
you can use the cleaning techniques for furniture that you usually use.
Alternatively, a little water with vinegar will do as well. You can also use a dry towel to dry as you
clean or leave the doors open for the cabinets to dry completely. While waiting, take the time to
organize and select kitchen utensils.
3. Select
This is the best time to properly sort the goods on the table. Check for damaged or broken ones
and discard or repair them appropriately. Are there some you no longer use? It’s time to give
them away. Is there anything you don’t use regularly that needs to be put in a different location
or a farther cabinet? Carefully sort and select your utensils and place them accordingly.
4. Storage
After sorting your utensils and other things, it’s time to store them properly. In the drawers, you
should also keep other small and frequently used utensils, such as freezer bags, dish towels.
Store your utensils or products according to type and frequency of use. This will save you time,
as you will no longer have to open dozens of drawers just to set the table for dinner.
In the cupboards, you should place the larger utensils: storage boxes, serving dishes, plates,
glasses, etc. Closet storage systems are excellent solutions for space optimization, as well as
helping to keep the closet more organized. Store foodstuffs in a separate cabinet and in a
suitable container to prevent them from dirtying the cabinet.
For the kitchen to remain organized, repeat this cleaning and tidying exercise every three
months. However, it is important to keep the organization on a daily basis. Other things you can
do daily include:
● Always put an object in its right place, after cleaning and tidying up.
●Do not buy too much food (otherwise it will be spoiled in the cupboard) and obey the
storage system that is created.
●Empty the sink and dishwasher as soon as possible.
●Don’t drop things on the kitchen table, always put them back where they are supposed to
●Wipe the kitchen table immediately after cooking.
●Don’t wait for the kitchen to become messy or disorganized before you clean.
If you adhere to the new routine, you will have a more organized kitchen, and cleaning and
cooking will be way easier.
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