house cleaning services

Who’s doing the work around the home?

House cleaning services

Some years ago a US news network conducted a study to assess the perception of opposite gender couples of just who’s doing the work around their home or apartment. The results were stunning in that 74% of male respondents reported that household cleaning duties were shared. Meanwhile only 49% of female respondents felt this was true. So whether we’re sharing the load equitably often depends on whom you cleaning services.


Many a non-romantic cohabitation has fractured over the matter of housework but when you love the one you live with you can’t just walk away because he doesn’t wash dishes or she leaves her clothes lying around. If you’ve ever lost a roommate because you can’t keep up with domestic standards of cleanliness then you’re unlikely to change that personality trait just because you’re living with a romantic partner. But these are the daily stressors that can touch off big arguments over relatively small things.


Now more than at any time in the past a given household is likely to have two full time breadwinners. When a couple has children the time available to clean and launder becomes even harder to find. Let’s face it, when you work all day and only get to see your child in the evenings and on weekends you’d rather spend time doing family things than on your knees scrubbing the floors. But it’s now also easier than ever to get some extra hired help in keeping your place tidy.


But house cleaning services can be expensive


Yes, people deserve a decent wage for the work they do and anyone who can’t keep up with their own domestic tasks knows how backbreaking this work can be. So no one’s suggesting this is the cheapest alternative, it isn’t. But can one put a price on the time they’re able to spend with loved ones instead of on domestic chores? In most cases a weekly tidying by a hired house cleaning services can be covered by skipping a meal or two in a restaurant. Spending more time relaxing in a clean home with a spouse who isn’t irritated over the way you made the bed is usually well worth the investment of having a regular and reliable cleaning service.


These are professionals


What might take an inexperienced amateur cleaner hours of elbow grease to accomplish a good hired housekeeper can often do in half the time. Cleaning is an art just like anything else and when you practice it regularly you come to be good at it. Most house cleaning services will arrive with their own preferred supplies and products, thus sparing you from having to keep a pantry full of sprays and sponges. Experienced cleaners know what works and how to use these products safely. They also tend to be great at those things you don’t have to do every week like washing windows. So the cleaning service doing your weekly touchup can usually also accomplish bigger tasks for extra negotiated fees. A good cleaning service will usually dispatch the same workers to your place regularly so they can learn to do things just the way you want them done.


How to hire your cleaning service


Ask friends, family and coworkers for recommendations. You might be surprised to find that you know a lot of people who already use competent cleaning services. The good companies grow quickly due to word of mouth so this is the best place to start. If this doesn’t glean the results you need sites like Yelp can be helpful. But wherever you find your cleaning service be sure to ask all the pertinent questions before you ink the deal. A good cleaning service will carry its own insurance in case of losses or breakages. Its management and schedulers will be responsive and easy to get ahold of. But mostly, a cleaning company with good customer service will be your partner in maintaining not only a hygienic home but in enabling you and partner to enjoy each other and to never have argue again about whose turn it is to unload the dishwasher. house cleaning services

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