What is included in a basic cleaning?

For each room basic cleaning includes:

– dust all accessible areas
– wiping of surfaces and work spaces
– waste removal

– cleaning of stove (outside)
– cleaning of work spaces
– dust of kitchen appliances (coffee maker etc.)
– cleaning of the sink

– cleaning of shower and bath tub
– cleaning of washbasin
– toilet cleaning

– making of beds (no changing of sheets and bedding)
– dust of electrical appliances (TV etc.)

Living room & other rooms:
– dust of upholstery and other seating furniture
– dust of electrical appliances (TV etc.)

Every apartment is unique so we recommend that you discuss your requests with the cleaner and define in which areas the cleaning should be intensified.
Please note that heavy soiling can only be removed through an intensive cleaning. Intensive cleaning can be carried out by booking additional time, coordination on site and the supply of required cleaning supplies. We recommed twice the duration of a basic cleaning. Please also note that an intensive cleaning is not possible after renovation as well as after building activities.


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