Domestic Cleaning service

Domestic Cleaning service:Why the need of a reliable hand of a professional domestic cleaning service.

Domestic Cleaning service.

Whether one owns a home and wants to avoid expensive repairs or rents a place and wants to have their security deposit returned when they move, the domicile usually represents one of the biggest expenses anyone pays for on a regular basis. Being house proud, keeping a nice home and saving money by being a Mr. or Ms. “Fix-It” are all laudable traits. But there are certain things in the life of a tidy resident that can be more reliably handled by a professional domestic cleaning service. Deep cleaning the floors is one of these things as it’s far too easy to damage the tile work, carpet, lino or hardwood that graces a home. Domestic Cleaning service.

But it costs money


Yes, a typical professional domestic cleaning service will cost a bit more than trying to do it yourself. But the floor steamer you can pick up at a reasonable price doesn’t hold a candle to the models professionals use. Intricate tile work can be chipped or stained by even the bargain basement steamers. An experienced cleaner using state of the art machines can do the job more quickly, more safely and with the right tools to make sure the floor stays clean well into the future. They also understand that the grout often needs a little extra TLC.

It’s just wood and I know how to dust furniture


Unless one’s hardwood floors are brand new it’s almost a certainty that they’ve been stripped, sanded and varnished at least once or twice. These treatments, especially in older homes, can leave the remaining wood dry and fragile. While most of us know not to use caustic chemicals on a hardwood floor, we don’t necessarily know what we can use. Things like oil soap are fine for touch ups, but they don’t address trodden in grime and can build up in layers just like the dirt you’re trying to get rid of. Professional domestic cleaning services use very soft, high speed rotary brushes that extract the dirt and contaminants trapped in the wood. Because wood is a porous and formerly living thing, these services can also cope with such necessities as maintaining the optimal pH balance in a hardwood floor. This is something the typical amateur cleaner has likely never even considered.


Carpeting is often one of the biggest investments in a home’s interior


Carpet damage is also the single most cited reason for renters to lose all or part of their security deposits upon moving. So maintaining that lustrous cushion that makes walking around barefoot so enjoyable is one of the most important things you can do. A weekly hoovering is of course helpful as it can remove the abrasive particulate matter that we all track around, yes even if you leave your shoes at the door. But a deep shampooing every once in a while is essential to prolonging the life of your carpets. Imagine owning a coat that you wear day in and day out and never having it cleaned. Well, that same kind of fiber breakdown from grit and grime can happen to your carpets.


You’ll save money in the long run


Repairs to tile, hardwood and installed carpeting can run into the thousands. But the wise investment of a few hundred a year can leave your home not only smelling nicer and feeling cleaner, it can spare you from the inconvenience of having to replace your precious flooring more often than is necessary. Professional cleaning services are experienced, they carry insurance in case anything goes wrong and they can usually offer you a spectrum of services to choose from so you can pick just the right treatments to keep your floors in tiptop shape.

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