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How to Book a house cleaner Online in London

Book a cleaner online

House cleaners are an important group of professionals responsible for keeping your home clean and habitable. They come in handy for those with busy schedules and no time to clean their own houses. For those who detest house chores, domestic cleaners take over this task ridding you of the stress to try and do it.

If you are living in London, there are several online platforms from which you can book a cleaner online. While most are agencies, there are some sites which function as a platform to meet self-employed, and vetted domestic cleaners for your needs. is one such site whose soles purpose is to introduce highly trained and domestic house cleaners to potential clients.

Each domestic cleaner is self-employed and charges differently for their services. The site enables safe online transactions in terms of payments and services. By simply acting as an introduction agency, ensures that even in your absence or on short notice, someone is available to do your cleaning. The process is very seamless and stress-free for both you and the cleaner you choose for your services.


  1. Money back guarantee in case of no services rendered. Whenever there is no one available to do your domestic cleaning, will refund your money in full. This is very reassuring considering some sites do charge a small fee on refunds.
  2. Quick and easy way to outsource your domestic cleaning chores – All you need to do is grab your computer or phone and get house cleaners in London to come clean your residence. The process is very seamless and easy to execute.
  3. Choose from already vetted and highly trained experts – Instead of going through the hustle of sourcing for domestic cleaning services through interviews, it is easier to choose from an already vetted and skilled team. It saves you time and the headache involved in the hiring process.
  4. Set up your cleaning schedule online – When using an online platform to source for domestic cleaners, it is possible to set up an online schedule for routine cleaning. This saves you from booking a cleaning session every now and then.
  5. Convenient payment method for services – Booking a domestic cleaner if facilitated by online payments through your credit and debit cards. You do not need to have the cash to pay for services. As such, your cleaner will come, clean and leave once done without expecting more payments from you.


  1. An additional expense for you – Hiring a domestic cleaner is an additional expense for you instead of doing the cleaning yourself.
  2. You may get a different cleaner every time – Sometimes, it may not be possible to have a specific domestic cleaner each time. It remains difficult to maintain consistency in the nature of services as well.
  3. It takes time to build trust – Dealing with strangers in your home can raise a lot of trust issues. You may not be comfortable leaving your valuable items lying around when your house cleaner is around. In some instances, you may be forced to be at home on all scheduled cleanings.


To create your domestic cleaning schedule, visit and book your next leaner conveniently.  All the domestic cleaners are vetted for professional services beyond your expectations.

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