House cleaning jobs

5 Chores You Shouldn’t Leave To Your House Cleaner

House cleaning jobs

Hiring a house cleaner is very convenient these days. With so much to do and so little time to focus on housework things, a house cleaner can be a life saver and transform your life and home. But there are certain things you should never leave to your house cleaner and here are a few:

  1. Getting things tidy before they start cleaning

You hired them to come and clean your home, not to tidy up, which should be your job. Before you hire a housekeeper in London to come out and clean your home, pick up and put things away so that they can come in and do their job. Make the most of their skills and tidy up before cleaning so that you don’t waste their time and you get your money’s worth!


  1. Cleaning up after a pet

Unless stated in the contract, you should never have a cleaning service in London come out and clean up after your pet. You hired a professional house cleaner to come out and clean your home, not your pet and need to do that yourself.


  1. Lift heavy things

Moving furniture and boxes isn’t what a housecleaner is there for and should not be something you expect them to do when they come clean your home. After all, you don’t want them to get hurt! If you do need that kind of stuff done, there are different types of companies that will come out and do that for you.


  1. Perform add-ons

Many companies that come out to clean your home specify what they will do and what they won’t, including specific add-on chores that will cost extra like doing your laundry or cleaning the oven. If these are things you want done, you’ll have to pay extra.


  1. Cook

You should never expect a housekeeper to cook for you because that’s an entirely different service all together! Again, there are other companies that provide this, but it’s not what housecleaners do. Their job is to come and get your home cleaned as specified by their list of services.

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